Thanks for another eye-opening article that will get me going. Note: I experienced deep work (or was it flow?) while teaching third grade. I especially remember the feeling afterward of accomplishment, satisfaction and peace.

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Managing these everyday chores better can relieve stress and save time for everyone.


Don’t rinse dishes. If you have a dishwasher you don’t need to rinse every dish before it goes into the dishwasher. Imagine the time this would save. Believe me-you don’t need to rinse.

Even the dishwasher manufacturers say not to rinse. One of them even says that a little grime or crumbs helps the dishwasher work.

You still have to take garbage off of your dishes, but not ketchup or crumbs or sauce.

I have been experimenting with this for many years. Many. Our dirty dishes go directly into the dishwasher. Dirty dishes have nothing to do with the sink…

I have some tools that will help us all to come out better.

The pandemic goes on and on. And on. It’s almost like a Minnesota winter. It’s too long. Isolation is too hard. I’ve read all the self help articles I can possibly read. I actually use the advice I find, but I need more if I’m going to make it.

There are at least five things that are helping me get through this and to come out of it okay, if not better for having been through it. Think of these as tools we can use every day. We don’t have to wait long to feel better.

1. Knowing History

I know many people are turned off by any mention of the word history. “It’s boring.” “It’s over.” Well, presented right, history is not boring. It can intrigue us and inspire us. It is full of fantastic stories. It can teach us how to deal with our own lives.

And someone else will…

Photo by Lynn Schommer

And how we can all get writing… or not.

There are many reasons why my writing stinks, but it’s not from a lack of great writing advice. All I (and you) have to do is use google to find all the advice in the world.

Done. We follow the advice and become great writers. End of this article.

But NO.

But, no. I’m going to forget all that advice and go on with this attempt to get to the bottom of our collective failure.

No need for me to tell you what that great writing advice is. It’s out there. From Ayodeji Awosika to Tim Denning on Medium, to…

That kick you just gave me feels really good. The quotes you included were like you wrote that article just for me. Thank you.

So Many of Us Can Accomplish Anything

Except this one thing: weight loss

photo by Lynn Schommer

A few years ago I noticed something about the overweight people I know (including myself). I noticed that many people who are overweight are also bright, accomplished and successful.

They can do anything.

Except one thing — weight loss.

We can do great things. But we just can’t do this one thing.

Maybe there’s something wrong with us.

No there isn’t! Just take a look. We can run classrooms, emergency rooms, families. We can act, sing, write, and build houses.

So what’s the problem? Well, we’ve been…

And I have some for you

Photo by Lynn Schommer

You’ve heard about how important it is to be in nature; it is calming, energizing and a great stress reducer. Of course there’s much more impact of nature on our lives and health than that.

Academic studies and the relatively new ecopsychology movement are examples of sources of information about the many benefits of being in nature. If you want to improve your life, knowing the value of nature is essential, so find out all you can.

But what if you want to be in nature and you’re stuck somewhere with no chance. On…

Striving for perfection is not always a good thing.

Right now my husband is on the floor under the artificial Christmas tree trying to put in three screws that are not needed to hold it up. But the screws came with the tree, so they have to go in. But they won’t go in. Without the screws, the tree will not fall over. We have no pets or children that would put it in danger. It’s only five feet tall. But it’s not perfect until those screws are in. …

Sometimes disappointment overwhelms my fear.

I feel both, and right now I am so disappointed in some of the people I know (how can I still call them friends?).

I am disappointed that they have a different moral code; they seem interested only in themselves, denigrating others, and standing with the evil that would lock up children and separate families.

I am disappointed that they use phrases like, “Make America Great Again” and “Clear the Swamp”, which incite people to make the easy decisions. …

Lynn Schommer

I love reading, writing, and giving advice on small matters. I live in a place where I can get the benefits of nature every day.

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